Ladies Hygiene Kit

Update as of 7.00 p.m, 22/12/2021:

Donation: 1224 kits

Money in: RM24,480.00

Money out: RM15,901.60

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People tend to forget about hygiene kits for female during and after floods. So our initiative is to give out the ladies hygiene kit that consists of:
Our skincare product for free
Sanitary pads
Disposable panties
Facial towel
Facial tissues
Hand sanitizers
The kits will be distributed to Negeri Sembilan flood victims first then we will extend the distribution to the Klang Valley and Melaka as well.
We really hope that you can chip in for this ladieshygienekit initiative and help those in needs. The cost is RM20 per kit and our objective is to maximize the number of kits. 
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1. Kg. Jimah Lama, Port Dickson - 200 kits (To be sent on 23/12/2021)

2. Jelebu - 600 kits (100 kits sent out!)



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