Allubabes Rewards


We are here because of you. Let us reward your loyalty!

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+ 250 points

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10% OFF

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+ 100 points

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+ 200 points

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+ RM5 Coupon

Birthday Reward

+ 500 points



Each coupon can be used within 30 days

RM5 Coupon

500 points

RM15 Coupon

1500 points

RM10 Coupon

1000 points

RM20 Coupon

2000 points

Free products*

Min. 2000 points

*depending on availability



+ What is Allubabes Rewards?

A program to reward your loyalty. Only Allubabes with an account on will be entitled to enjoy 2021 Allubabes Rewards.

+ What are the differences between Allubabes Loyalty Program and Allubabes Rewards?

Allubabes Rewards are still our loyalty program with better perks and benefits for you. We have changed the name from Allubabes Loyalty Program to Allubabes Rewards.

The new perks that everyone can enjoy are as follows:

  • All new users are considered as Newbie Allubabes
  • Credit store is changed to points
  • You get 1 point per RM1 spent
  • You get 250 points just by signing up
  • You get 500 points on your birthday
  • You get 10% OFF if you leave your review
  • You get RM5 Coupon if you refer your friend using your referral link
  • You get 200 points if you follow our Instagram
  • You get 200 points if you follow our Twitter
  • You get 200 points if you like our Facebook
  • You get 100 points is you share our post once per month

+ How to upgrade to Superstar or VIP Allubabes?

You will be automatically upgraded to Superstar or VIP Allubabes once you achieve the minimum points required.

  • Superstar – Spend min. RM300
  • VIP – Spend min. RM700

Sign in and head over to the My Account section to read the details

+ How to redeem my points and rewards?

You can redeem your points by creating a coupon and redeem the amount of the coupon.

  • RM5 Coupon = 500 points
  • RM10 Coupon = 1000 points
  • RM15 Coupon = 1500 points
  • RM20 = 2000 points

Sign in and head over to the My Account section to read the details. You coupon has thirty (30) days expiry date once it's being converted from your points.

+ How to get my birthday reward?

Update your birthday at My Account section. 500 points will be added if your birthday is up-to-date at least one (1) month prior to your birthday date.

+ How to maintain my Allubabes status?

To maintain the status and special perks for the upcoming year, you must reach minimum points required of your current status.

+ Is there any expiry dates of my points?

Your points can be used within twelve (12) months from the date they are being earned. Kindly make sure you spend the point within 12 months to avoid they are being expired.

+ How to check my points balance?

You can check your points via the My Account section.

+ What happen if my orders are returned or cancelled?

If you earn any points, your points will be deducted.