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Best cleanser i ever used.. my skin fall in love with this cleanser almost past 2 years ❤️ Thank you teams ❤️ I'm very satisfied, good product, excellent quality service


Suka sangat dgn sunscreen dia. No whitecast, lightweight, Tak melekit dan Tak rasa mcm pakai pape. The ingredients termasuk ceramide which is tkprnh dgr dan jumpa lg sunscreen ade ceramide utk pulihkan skin barrier. love terukkk. btw skin type combination. Service dan layanan pn bgs sgt. order smlm hrini sampai. semua tiptop.

Akma Hamzah
Repeat order

This is my 2nd time buying for this product..suitable for my skin..very good packaging..unique from other brand..

Hafizah Ruslan
Best product

Everything is good. Very suitable for sensitive skin 

Diyanah Yusoff
How i become dahi licin

I never have any skin problem. But still not so smooth like dahi licin or anything. But lately ramai tegur my skin makin licin/flawless.
I dont have pictures because i’m not the type to take pictures of my skin😅. I dont really like to take my own pictures😅. But even when my mum tegur my skin dah licin, i do believe her. So i know this barrier cream works like magic onto my skin. And I’m happy so happy that i made second purchase even before the first bottle finished. And i was typical to try this but now i regretted because i don’t try this ealier! To add on, you can use the cleanser and tatagaltier essence together. They work like magic!!!! Argh love thank you Dr Aen for founding this product.